idk why introverts have a reputation of being quiet and shy people who’d rather be alone. have you ever been friends with an introvert who’s decided you’re worth their time? we turn into the clingiest, most needy pieces of shit on the planet because there’s so few people we actually can stand

That’s exactly what all the people should know. 




1. It’s stressful.

2. There could be an injury involved.

3. The tears could possibly be tears of joy.

4. They could be angry tears because they worked so hard and something out of their control messed them up.

5. It could be their last dance competition, or a friend’s last dance competition.

6. Maybe they wish their mom was there. You don’t know how many times I cried during the 2012 All Irelands because my mom wasn’t there.

Hey I cried my eyes out af on Sunday at pat Roche ❤️❤️yay